My Testimony


Sometimes beautiful memories of my youth come into my mind, like chasing around butterflies, listening to birds singing, staring at the mountains and thinking about the mountain god. Everything was so mysterious to me. It felt like, and seemed as if, something would happen at any time.

I always believed that if I climbed the mountain I could touch the sky and even hold the stars in my hand or disappear with the clouds. But when I climbed to the mountain top, somehow it seemed that the sky was at another mountain farther away from me. Chasing around the sky was like chasing around butterflies in the air. In my young mind I could never figure out why the sky was moving around and was so far away from me. I kept waiting for the mountain god. I believed he would show up and visit me someday. I pictured in my mind that he wore white clothes and had long white hair. I kept waiting, but he never came. At a very young age, I left my dream country house and moved to the city. The city was called Seoul, South Korea.

My parents and the people around me always told me about my birth. They told me that the whole town prayed to Buddha for my parents to have a daughter, because my parents had four sons, but no daughters. When they finally received a daughter, everyone in town rejoiced and gave thanks to the Buddha god. No one in our town knew the truth, that life came from Yahweh God. No one ever talked about Jesus. Even at a young age I knew there was a god but I didn’t find God. Even though I went to a Christian high school I didn’t find Him.

In 1976 I moved to the United States where I became a citizen. When I first came to the USA I was totally lost and still searching for something. I was empty, lonely, and miserable. From time to time I would pray, saying, “Jesus if you are God or Buddha if you are god, I don’t care, whoever gives me more I will serve you.”

At the age of 25, Jesus came to me. I had never seen Jesus, but when I saw Him I knew He was Jesus. He came into my bedroom. He had a beautiful smile. He handed me a bible and told me to go and preach. He also showed me what church I needed to go. He gave me an address and disappeared. After then, from time to time, Jesus would visit me and teach me the Word of God and help me to be filled with the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit became everything in my life. The Holy Spirit was so tender, sweet, gentle, loving and peaceful. Sometimes He would come as fire and let me hear songs from heaven.

One morning at 4 a.m. I heard the voice of God, saying, “Sun become a pastor.” His audible voice spoke over and over again. I was shocked! I woke up my husband and said, “God said I need to be a pastor!” He was deeply asleep. “We always spoke against women pastors. I didn’t know that women could be pastors. Then he said in his sleep, “Be obedient to God.” At the Age of 35, I became the pastor of First Love Church.

Soon after I gave my life to Jesus, my husband started to take me to a Vineyard Church. I always had so much hunger for Jesus. Ever since I met Him, I have had a strong desire to do whatever God wanted me to do. I talked with Jesus. Jesus came to visit me in my car, my home, my bedroom, and my job. He always talked to me and gave me direction in my life. The only thing I could and can think about is Jesus; nothing else matters to me except to please Jesus. I am consumed with the love of Jesus. Jesus is the lover of my soul. Jesus is always in my mind and heart, night and day. I sleep with Jesus, wake up with Jesus, and walk with Jesus. Everywhere I look I see Jesus. I can’t stop talking about Jesus or dancing for Jesus.

Without the Holy Spirit we cannot preach the gospel. We need to do everything led by the Holy Spirit. Then we can bear good fruit. People don’t bear good fruit because they are not working with the Holy Spirit. They are working in their flesh. Flesh will bear flesh. If you want good fruit you must work in the Holy Spirit.

Pastor Sun Hui East


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  1. I loved reading this portion about your life, thank you for the encouragement to follow Jesus whole-heartedly! You are truly a “friend of God” Pastor Sun Hui East! God bless you in all you accomplish for Him!

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