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Pastor Sun Hui East is currently serving as head pastor of First Love Christian Church.

First Love Christian Church
7923 Donore Pl
San Antonio, TX 78229

Service Times:
Sunday 10am and 6pm
Tuesday 7pm

Prayer Meetings:
Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday 8pm
Friday 9pm

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  1. Praise the lord, in the name of our lord and saviour in JESUS Christ, Our ministry KAHAL TRIBAL SERVICE SOCIETY. We are working gospel of GOD. we are running orpahan children home, please welcome to India.

  2. Hello pastor Sun nice to know about you and your ministry, I am George serving the small congregation in pakistan need your prayers, have you visited pakistan, you are requested to remember me and my Church in your prayer.can i send you the name of the people those need prayer with your permission. My Email:


    George and Family

  3. Greetings in the name of our Lord and Savoir Jesus Christ, my dear sister Pastor Sun East,From ​Coach Dean Golden, Overseer,
    and his successors a Corp Sole for​ ​NewStart Resource Network, in the Order of ​the Melchizedek Royal Priesthood.
    I have you and the congregation of spiritual worriers in my prayers. Our Lord has led me to Los Angeles where I am in rolled into the Word Of God Internal University. With the mission of working towards my Doctorate degree which I will be preparing for the ministry of being a Trustee Coach and training up others into this ministry as well.
    Please keep me in your prayers. My email is: my number (720)319-8774 will find me as well.
    Peace and Love to you and all of yours in His Name
    Coach Dean

  4. Hello Pastor.Sun ! I hope you remember me This is Young Choi in Ca I met you thru Pastor.Ma long ago around 1997 at your church in Co and I gave my testimony and led Worship
    I do remember you tried to meet me when you came to Ca but … Hope you are doing good and look foward to hearing from you Thnx

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